Monday, September 27, 2010

Marina & the Diamonds will make your ears very HAPPY!

Harry Envy here, have you missed me????? Life got the better of me these last few months with work and schedule changes, but I'm back and would like to welcome you to the all new, all different, yet still the same Haus of Envy. Since my last post I've been discovering tons of new music and will begin this week with one of my new favorite obsessions Marina & the Diamonds.

It has been awhile since an artist/musician has really spoken to me the way Marina has. The fates were on my side the week Marina released her debut album titled The Family Jewels. Not only was her song "I am not a Robot" the free single of the week on Itunes, but two different pop culture/music blogs had posted on the album and expressed how much they loved it. So, of course I clicked open my Itunes and looked up the album and honestly I wasn't sure if I was gonna like her. Then this happened, Blogger Arjan Writes had posted a free MP3 of her cover of 3OH3!'s Starstrukk and I feel in love. It was really that simple, I was in awe of her voice. Check out the video and see for yourself

If you like what you heard, download it here:

Okay, back to business. Now that you've listened to her as well you can see why I've
gonna all crazy in love. This only intensified when I saw Marina perform live this past summer and again earlier this month. What an amazing performer, she draws you in, holds your attention and leaves you wanting so much more. And one of her band mates is a cutie, but that is besides the point. Marina has made me a fan for life and I see nothing but amazing things in her future.

Candy for the Ears: Mowgli's Road, Oh No!, I Am Not a Robot, Girls, Numb, Rootless (note this track is only available on the Deluxe Edition of The Family Jewels)

~ Envy Out

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