Thursday, March 17, 2011

Idol Envy: S10 Top 12 - Song List & Results Show

The night started on a serious note, in light of recent events in Japan all proceeds from Itunes downloads of last night's Idol performances will be going to the American Red Cross, so you should go download at least one song from last night to help the cause.

Now onto the show, last night's theme was Songs the contestants birth year, with the oldest contestants this year being 26!

Naima Adedapo started the night off with the Tina Turner classic "What's Love got to do with it" from the year 1984! I like that Naima is taking risks by doing these big songs, but I don't think this is where she's most comfortably. She was pitchy throughout the performance, and I was worried when she started because it was terrible; she so much better than what she's been giving us. Girlfriend is in trouble this week because being inconstant sends you home.

Also from 1984 comes Paul McDonald with the Elton John hit, "I guess that's why they call it the blues". Now Paul was under the weather and he did struggle a little bit with some of the notes, but overall he did a stellar job. He has amazing stage presence and I can easily see him as a front man for some band.

Thia Megia took me back to my freshmen year of high school (1995) with her rendition of Vanessa Williams "Colors of the Wind" from Disney's Pocahontas. What Thia had going for her with this performance was that it was beautifully staged; she gave a steady/solid performance but it was safe and boring. I'm waiting for her to show us more than just the ballads. I know you have a beautiful voice, let's see some personality, sing outside the box. Thia will last another week, so hopefully we'll get to see a different side to her.

James Durbin, born in 1989, gave us some Bon Jovi with "I'll be there for you". Now, I know the boy has been compared to Adam Lambert and tonight that's who he was channelling (naughty thought just popped in my mind... hee hee hee) okay back to business, overall I was not in love with this performance, but his killer high note was awesome and the fact that Steven Tyler said he'd sing with James if he made it to the final is reason enough to vote in through another week. and Steven said it best, James is a rich vein of inner crazy.

Okay, Hayley Reinhart brought the first of the two Whitney Houston songs that were featured last night. When I had Whitney and 1990 my mind went straight to The Bodyguard and I Will Always Love You and I was like please don't try and tempted that. Lucky for me, she didn't and went with "I'm your baby tonight", which is one of my favorite songs by Miss Houston. And honestly, Hayley was all over the place, very pitchy and sounded off, and poor girl was having lipstick malfunctions to boot. The best part of the performance was the bridge and her end notes, but I don't think that will be enough to save her from tonight's bottom three.

Oh, Stefano Langone, I don't want to like you, I don't know why you bug me, you just do. But damn it, was that not a fracking amazing performance?? Stefano killed Simply Red's 1989 it "If you don't know me". That was the best performance of the night and guaranteed him through to next weeks show.

Pia Toscano also had a great performance with the other Whitney Houston classic, 1988's "Where do broken hearts go?" But honestly, thinking back, it's this performance I can't remember. Pia has a great voice but isn't quite as memorable as some of the other contestants, she'll last but not sure how long.

And then there's Scotty McCreery, who of course did country proud with his version of Travis Triat's 1993 song, "Can I trust my heart?" Of all the guys I think Scotty has the best tone,but if you close your eyes and just listen Scotty's voice sounds like every other male country artist out there, so I'm torn with this guy. I do want to see him tackle other genres and countrify them, especially Disco.

Karen Rodriquez, doing her better J-Lo impression, sang Taylor Dayne's 1989 hit "Love will lead us back" I'm sorry, Karen, but love ain't leading you anywhere but the bottom 3. The girl is trying... way to hard to be J-Lo, I get it she's her Idol, but enough I want to see more Karen. Aside from the weak performance, the outfit was awful and did not work with her song choice, if she was singing Disco, she had the outfit. Even through this performance was a slight and I mean slight better performance than last week, girlfriend is in trouble.

Casey, Casey, Casey, took balls taking on Nirvana's first hit 1991's "Smells like teen spirit". Was it a risk that paid off? Not quite sure, the combination of the stage lighting (which was a cool yellowish color), Casey's intense facial expressions and the fact he has a red beard made it kind of a creepy performance. I wonder if you play that performance backwards what would happen??

Lauren Alaina went to Melissa Etheridge's classic "I'm the only one" as you birth year song (1994). I love that she brought a country feel to the song and Lauren was twenty times better than she was last week. I loved it and she made a fan out of me.

We end the night with Jacob Lusk and Heart's "Alone" (1987). This is a big song and Jacob has the voice to do it proud but something was off. The arrangement was off to me and Jacob struggled to keep the pace, even the high note didn't work. I don't know what Randy was listening/watching because I felt Jacob missed the mark with this one.

My guesses for the Bottom 3: Karen, Hayley, & Naima

My votes went to James and Lauren.

So, I missed the actually show and in my search to find a video, which I couldn't find because no one's posted anything yet, I found out who got the boot.

My guesses for the bottom 3 were on the money this week and of the 3 Karen was my choice to say goodbye and she was! No judge's save tonight (thank you judges). So here's to next week...


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Idol Envy: Top 13 Results Show

After sleeping on last night's performances and trolling the interwebs and reading what others had to say about the show, I've decided to name the following three as tonight's potential Bottom 3: Karen Rodriguez, Lauren Alaina, and Paul McDonald (I think he's safe and won't be in the bottom 2). Am I right? Let's watch and see....

8:02 pm So, we learn the Judge's Save is back this year, and if they use it tonight will be a shocker. Musical guests are Dirty Diddy Money and Adam Lambert

Now on to a video rubbing it in to all those cut last week. The tour of their Beverly Hills Mansion sponsored by Ford (that pool table was sweet though).

Oh look the first Idol group performance of the season. A tribute to Michael Jackson, and here's the interesting things I noticed with this performance
- For Scotty having such a deep voice, why could I not hear him??
- Karen sounds ten times better, but is still in trouble from last night.
- Stefano please go home, that was bad I'm switching him for Paul.
- Naima & James were awesome

8:13pm And now the Ford Focus commercial were the kids get to practice their lip syncing skills

8:15pm Hello Amanda Seyfried, you go push your movie

8:16pm More push to have us see the Twilight inspired Red Riding Hood, which I will probably end up seeing.

8:18pm okay down to business for the week.
Ryan calls Jacob, Karen, and Stefano to the center of the stage. If only one is in the bottom, Karen's performance was probably the worst of the three so my guess is Karen, but I hope it's Stefano.

8:21pm As I thought Karen is revealed to be one of tonight's bottom 3

8:22pm Adam Lambert after a word from our sponsors

8:26pm And we are back. Welcome back Adam. Aftermath is one of the few songs I enjoyed from his album (overall wasn't totally in love with it). But I did love this performance.

8:30pm I love it when Ryan flirts with Adam

8:35pm Can we get this show rolling?? Okay, Lauren, Ashton, and Hayley are called. Of the three, Lauren probably had the weakest performance going first is not always a good thing especially on a 2 hour show. I am liking the fact she's admitting she made a mistake and thank you Ryan for not dragging it out (Lauren is safe). So, I hope Ashton is in the bottom because I did like Hayley more.

8:40pm Ashton & Hayley are in the bottom, and everyone else is safe. I feel cheated now that was too fast. Stupid two musical guest cutting in on my nervous Idol time. Anyway, last night I had guessed Karen and Ashton were in trouble and I was right. But of my choices for tonight's bottom three I was 1 for 3.

8:45pm Diddy Dirty Money performance, this I could have done without.

8:55pm Okay who's going home... Not Karen (I thought it was gonna be her)... Not Hayley so it's Ashton!!

8:56pm Ashton is given another chance and has decided to sing Diana Ross again and it sounds worse tonight for some reason. This is your time to shine, this performance was so dim. If the judges use the save tonight they are stupid, it's way to soon in the competition and besides America did not vote her through last week for a reason.

8:57pm Song is done and onto the Judge's

8:58pm The judge's final answer is... Not to use the save

8:59pm Here is Ashton's final montage and David Cook's rendition of the classic Simple Minds hit "Don't You Forget About Me"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


That's right kids, I'm back. And just in time for this week's Top 13 performance. Now, I did watch last week's results show and got a chance to listen to the "wild cards" sing and honestly the only one that caught my attention was Naima. So with a fresh ear, I'll be giving you all my thoughts on the lucky 13.

This week's theme was to sing a song by the contestants personal Idol, let's see how they did.

Lauren Alaina
Idol: Shaina Twain & Song: Any Man of Mine

Not the best way to start the show, it was kinda karaokeish. I think You're Still the One would have been a better song to sing since that song would have showcased her tone. If Lauren does stick around she will need to take it to the next level, a pretty voice only gets you so far in this competition.

Casey Abrams
Idol: Joe Crocker & Song: A Little Help From My Friends

I'm not a fan of the beard, but I can overlook that since you gave a damn fine performance. Casey is a natural on the stage and has great charm/charisma. A very solid performance, Lauren dear, I'd be worried.

Ashton Jones
Idol: Diana Ross & Song: When You Tell Me You Love Me

I'm gonna be honest, Ashton did not wow me last week with her version of And I'm Telling You and tonight was the same. She's trying to hard to give us Diva, honey just sing. Yes she has great stage presence, a lovely voice and can hit a Power Note when she needs to, but her lower registry is just so/so. There is a good chance she'll stick around but not quite sure just how long.

Paul McDonald
Idol: Ryan Adams & Song: Come Pick Me Up

Okay Paul, I'm not a fan of Ryan Adams and I'm pretty sure most of Middle America has no clue has who he is too, so I'm gonna be worried about this week.
The pros: very nice and unique voice; looked great; he's different
The cons: boring performance

Pia Toscano
Idol: Celine Dion & Song: All By Myself

You know there are certain songs and singers you get tired of hearing butchered of shows that this and Celine is probably number 1 on that list. I will say Pia sang it well but to me there was nothing new brought to the song. Again, Power Notes were her friends and she will most likely return next week.

James Durbin
Idol: Paul McCarthy & Song: Maybe I'm Amazed

I believe I found my Idol crush for the season, what a freaking cutie!
And he can SING!! A boy after my own heart. This was a solid performance and yes, he is this season's Adam Lambert (which isn't a bad thing). James is very diverse and am looking forward to what he'll do next. Oh, and I totally loved when he smiled and winked at the camera, swoooooon!

Hayley Reinhart
Idol: LeAnne Rimes & Song: Blue

I mentioned earlier about Power Notes and how some of these ladies rely heavy on them, while Hayley here doesn't need to. This girl can sing and I was loving the roughness/scruffiness in her throat. Great tone.
Randy said he thought the song was sleepy, my response, take a nap!

Jacob Lusk
Idol: R. Kelly & Song: I Believe I Can Fly

Here's another one of those Idol song that seem to pop up every year at some point in the competition, but Jacob did try to make it his own. He started off a little shakey but found his footing. Man, this boy has a crazy range and can give Ashton and Pia a run for their money in the Power Note department. Best day in church ever!

Thia Megia
Idol: Michael Jackson & Song: Smile

What Thia has going for her is an amazing tone that is beautifully showcased when she goes Acapella. She has a lot of potential and will do well. But I do believe the pressures of this show is going to take a toll on her sooner rather than later. You saw last week when she was getting her results how shaken up she was and again tonight in her post performance interview her nerves were showing. Being 15 and on a competition like this is never a good combination.

Stefano Langone
Idol: Stevie Wonder & Song: Lately

Again, I wasn't blown away with his "wild card" performance from last week and didn't think he should have been given a spot. So, with that said I think he'll make it through because he did an okay job with the song and was hitting those Power Notes. I do think the dance beat was out of place and I was not surprised when Jennifer praised his performance.

Karen Rodriguez
Idol: Selena & Song: I Could Fall In Love

Chicana Pride! When I heard she was doing Selena I kinda wanted her to sing Bidi Bidi Bom Bom; maybe she won't have struggled so much. There were a lot of problems with the performance and honestly was not feeling it at all, she's gonna be in trouble.

Scotty McCreety
Idol: Garth Brooks & Song: The River

His voice kinda freaks me out, damn that is DEEP! His voice aside, Scotty gave a very solid performance. He is country all the way and I am not the demographic that will be calling in for me.

Naima Adedapo
Idol: Rihanna & Song: Umbrella

Okay, I'm super surprised that Rihanna is her Idol. That aside, the song was pitchy. but I so enjoyed it. Loved the dance moves, loved the Jamaican rap in the middle, and I loved the energy that she was giving us. It ended the show nicely. Whether she makes it through will be up to you America!

Okay kids, final thoughts are that the Guys brought their A game tonight. Like every season song choice is always key, why can't they remember that??

I can see the following in danger to go home tomorrow: Paul, Stefano, Ashton, Lauren A, and Karen.

My precious votes went to James and Naima!