Thursday, February 25, 2010

One, Two... Freddy's Coming for YOU!!!!

Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street is by far one of my all time favorite horror movies and spawned my love for Freddy Krueger. When I heard a remake was in the works I was not a happy man. I have since calmed down, thanks in part to the films trailers. The second official trailer for the Nightmare remake was released today, and I am now even more excited for April 30th to come a calling.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Trailer #2

And here's Trailer #1

Idol Envy: Top 24 pt. 3 - "So Long, Farewell"

Now that I've had some time to digest the previous two nights of Idol, I've come to the conclusion that the Idol phenomenon is reaching its end. Last season was sooooo good and I could not wait for Tuesday nights, so far no one contestant has impressed me. I may change my tune once the final 12 have been chosen and the nerves subside.

My predictions for the night, I think we will be saying so long farewell to the following Idol hopefuls
Lacey Brown
Ashleigh Rodriguez
Tim Urban
John Park

Now onto tonight's result show...

Our first causalty of the night went to Janell Wheller. I had listed Janell as one of the girls in trouble of leaving Idol and after listening to her rendition of What About Love again I'm not sad to see her go. Song choice is key people and this song was not the right one for her.

Number 2 went to Ashley Rodriguez. I said she'd be leaving tonight and I was right. I did not enjoy her performance at all, it was not memorable. And did she not look pissed that she got axed, not to mention she was giving some tude. Not sad to see her go at all.

Next up, the gentleman. Boy, was this a shocker; even little cutie Tim was surprised his name wasn't called, did you see the look on his face?? I had commented that Joe did not have the star quality needed for the competition, but I had thought his voice would have given him a shot into next week. Joe's final performance was way better tonight than it was last night. If he had done this last night Tim would be packing his bags.

And the next semi-shocker is Tyler Grady. I may have been a little surprised he was eliminated tonight, I did say he was in jeopardy of possibly leaving I just expected America to give him other chance. But after John, Todrick, and Tim already survived to sing again I knew things looked grim for Mr. Tyler. Upon hearing him sing again I still think his performance was lackluster and felt like he did not care now that he was out. Tyler has potential and needs to find himself a backing band to help make him into a star.

Sometimes American gets it wrong, but this is a competition after all and there can only be ONE winner. So, let's give these kids a few more moments in the limelight because it doesn't shine forever.

Envy Out!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Idol Envy: Top 24 pt. 2 - Boys Say Go!

Last night the ladies did not sparkle as I had hoped, let's see if the men of this season learned from the girls mistakes.

~ Toderick Hall performed Since You've Been Gone
Boy did he miss the mark. I liked that he chose to do something out of the box, it just didn't sound good at all. Toderick has talent, we've seen that from his previous auditions. This was not the right song for him and it may have cost him a spot in the next round.

~ Aaron Kelly performed Here Comes Goodbye
I'm not the biggest fan of country music, I have a few favorites and that's it. But I did enjoy Aaron's performance, he was nervous and it showed. He has potential and he's a cutie, so teenage girls will totally be calling his number. He's 16 and needs to build up his confidence other than that the top 12 is in his future.

~ Jermaine Sellers performed Get Here
He has a nice voice, got a bit pitchy on some of the higher notes. I think he chose the right genre of song, but this particular song may have been bigger then he expected. He has potential, but was trying to hard with this performance. We'll have to wait and see what America thinks.

~ Tim Urban performed Apologize
Swoon... he's so dreamy. Tim was given a second chance at the top 24 after that Chris what's his name was booted, and the poor kid blew it. He chose the wrong song, his falsetto cracked with each high note. He may get some sympathy votes, in which case if by some miracle he does survive another week, song choice, song choice, song choice!!

~ Joe Munoz performed You and I Both
He's good, not a fan of his vocal styling, the Jason Marz vibe really does nothing for me. Needless to say, Joe will move on. He doesn't quite have that star quality so a spot in the top 12 may not be in his grasp.

~ Tyler Grady performed American Woman
This boy oozes seventies sexuality, a bit of an amalgamation of Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison. Tyler's performance was lackluster, where was the energy? There is potential and if he gets his act together and doesn't let his ego fuck it up, I can see him as this season La Lambert. We'll see what happens.

~ Lee Dewyze performed Chasing Cars
I'm reminded of David Cook (I thought this before the judges started the comparision). He has a good voice and will make it to next week. I would like to see what Lee can do in the rounds to come.

~ John Park performed God Bless the Child
In this stage of the competition I need to be wowed; this song did not do it. I was bored. Vocally he does have a voice and did a decent job on the song but I wanted more out of this performance. I will not be surprise if he does not make it to the next round.

~ Michael Lynche performed This Love
Michael will make it through and be in the top 12, mainly because the producers forced his story down our throats during Hollywood week. Actually it is because he has a voice, so far the best guy of the season. He's extremely likable and America will easily fall in love with him.

~ Alex Lambert performed What a Wonderful World
I can hear the nerves, he has a nice voice and will more than likely make it into the next round. He needs to control those nerves and become more comfortable on stage. Hopefully he can calm himself down and last a little while longer. Like Ellen said he needs to ripen.

~ Casey James performed Heaven
Casey's kinda cute in that hippie surfer way. Very nice voice, cougars will be swooning over this one's laid back style and open shirtness. He may not be my style, but he is talented. Top 12 is in his future.

~ Andrew Garcia performed Sugar Were Going Down
I'm reminded of Danny Gokey, don't really know why. I loved his Straight Up cover he did during Hollywood week and I dug this performance of down tempo Fall Out Boy. Andrew may be one of the best guys in the competition; he'll easily make the final 12, and I can see him in the final 4. Regardless of the judges critiques I enjoyed this performance.

In the end, song choice was key. After 9 seasons you'd think these contestants would know better. Overall, no one contestant won me over completely; there are a few I liked and will come to enjoy seeing them perform each week.

I think the following guys are in trouble
Toderick Hall
Tim Urban
Tyler Grady
John Park
Alex Lambert

Who got my vote: Alex Lambert, Lee Dewyze, and a gave Tim Urban a sympathy vote.

We'll see how this all plays out Thursday night

Envy Out!

Idol Envy: Top 24 pt. 1 - This is Ladies Night

Now that the Top 24 finalist/judges favorites have been chosen, it's now our turn to judge this years crop of Idol hopefuls. Last time around my not so little obsession with one Adam Lambert fueled my Idol passion, this year no one's done that just yet. I'm hoping that following tonight and tomorrow's performances a few contestants will break from the pack and gain my vote. Plus can't wait to see how Ellen does!

~ Paige Miles performed It's Alright Now
I'm not sure what I thought of her performance; I didn't love it or hate it. Paige has a voice, which will most likely get her into the next round and I see the potential in her. Song choice, did not care for it, I may come to like Paige if she leaves Classic Rock the other girls.

~ Ashley Rodriguez performed Happy
I only know one Leona Lewis song, and this ain't it. Vocally, Ashley reminded me to much of Leona; I feel she played it very safe this round and stayed in her own comfort zone. She's only the second contestant in and I'm not having positive thoughts that she'll be back next week.

~ Janell Wheller performed What About Love
I liked her rendition of Estelle's American Boy during her Hollywood week audition and think she has a nice voice. She may even become a favorite. But this song was a bit shaky most of the number and it did not have the same uniqueness as her previous auditions. I don't think she'll have a problem getting into the next round, we'll see if she can sustain.

~ Lilly Scott performed Fixing a Hole
Lilly's voice is unique and easily stands out, very refreshing. By choosing an unknown Beatles song will definitely help her move on in the competition. She will easily make the Top 6, and if America does not fuck it up I can see her possibly make it to the very end. Plus I'm digging the silver blond hair

~ Katelyn Epperly performed Oh Darling!
Katelyn has a beautiful voice, smoky, and very country-esque. I love Madonna retro outfit, but it did not work with her voice, she looked a bit whorish. Her makeover needs a make-under. She'll last another week.

~ Hayley Vaughn performed I Want to Hold Your Hand
I liked Hayley in her initial audition, a black girl singing country. Even though I enjoyed this performance, I did find moments were her voice got schreechy. Hayley has potential and has a shot at making it to the next round, depending on votes.

~ Lacey Brown performed Landslide
My initial thoughts were full of love, the love died down. I still think Lacey had a great performance and hope she makes it into the next round. I don't agree with the judges critiques 100%, but understand where they are coming from. I want Lacey to make it another round, I loved her energy and vibe.

~ Michelle Delamar performed Falling
Yes, Michelle has an amazingly beautiful voice and she did a good job on the song. Problem was the song and her look emulated Alicia Keys too much. She played it safe and will mostly get her through to the next round, but she needs to step it up if she hopes to make the top 6.

~ Didi Benhami performed The Way I Am
Once the song stated I knew which song Didi was signing, the problem I had was it sounded to much like the original, again it was very safe. She may make it to next week, but top 6 may not be in her future.

~ Siobhan Magnus performed Wicked Games
I wasn't expecting that voice, Lovin' it! I thought Siobhan's performance was solid and haunting. Easily my favorite of the night, she might possible be my favorite of the season. I do fear the judges critiques may sway some voters to not call for her, fingers are crossed that she'll be around next week.

~Crystal Bowersox performed Hand in My Pocket
Crystal is not my style, a little too folky for my taste; but she does have a great voice and will easily make it to the next round. Vocally, I didn't quite get the Alanis vibe from her, my initial thoughts went to the Indigo Girls, but I did see the "coffee shop" singer the judges were saying she needed to break away from. The safe comfort zone doesn't get you the prize in the end.

~ Katie Stevens performed Feelin' Good
When I heard Katie's initial audition of At Last, I knew she would make it this far. I love her old soul voice, in the past young girls with that mature voice have done pretty well in the competition. Her version of Feelin Good was a bit shaky in areas, but overall good. Katie has an amazing voice and hopefully she'll get a chance to show the judges a more youthful performance next week.

I kept hearing that this round of girls were gonna be hard to beat, after tonight only a small handful lived up to that hype. Many played it safe and that makes it hard to figure out which of these 12 deserves to be eliminated.

I think the following girls are in trouble:
Ashley Rodriguez
Hayley Vaughn
Janell Wheller
Lacey Brown
Didi Benhami
Katie Stevens

So who got my vote: Lacey Brown & Siobhan Magnus.

We'll see how this all plays out Thursday night.

Harry Envy OUT!!


Ear Candy: Florence and the Machine

I love, love, love Florence and the Machine. I originally discovered the band last summer while hanging out with some friends at Trax bar. The video for Rabbit Heart was playing and even though I could hardly hear it, the video left an impression. I used the song ID function on my phone to figure out the name of the artist and never followed up on my new discovery. Fast forward to last month, after compiling a list of my favorite albums of 2009 someone commented that the only album missing was Lungs by Florence and the Machine. So, I went out and picked up a copy; I started kicking myself in the ass for not doing it sooner.

Florence's voice is an amalgamation of many, elements of Kate Bush, La Roux, Allison Goldfrapp, Kate Nash, and even a hint of Bjork can be heard. Lungs is a haunting collection of 13 of the best tracks music has to offer.

Candy for the ears: Howl, My Boy Builds Coffins, Rabbit Heart (Raise it up), Kiss with a Fist, Girl with One Eye

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Ear Candy Overload: Top 10 Albums of 2009

2009 brought out some of the best music I've heard in some time. It took me a while to narrow this list down to only ten albums and once I finished, I changed my mind many many times. So, before it happens again, let the countdown begin...

#10: Noisettes ~ Wild Young Hearts

I discovered the Noisettes as a fluke, I had some credits to Amazon's Music Store that were soon to expire and began searching their mp3 section for something new. The cover image to their single Never Forget You caught my eye and I took a listen. It was love at first listen, Shingai Shoniwa's voice is a throwback to sixties soul with a hint of Amy Winehouse. Wild Young Hearts is a fun ride, whether you're getting ready to club it up or looking to relax this album has a little something everyone and definitely worth the listen.

Candy for the ears: Never Forget You; Every Now and Then; Beat of My Heart; Don't Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go)

#09: The Bravery ~ Stir the Blood

This album would have easily been higher up in my list if not for two reasons; it was released in early December and I didn't pick up my copy right away. None the less it is a great album and reignited my love for the band. A return in sound to their debut album, a great mixture of modern alternative rock and classic new wave this is definitely an album to watch in 2010.

Candy for the ears: Slow Poison; Adored; The Spectator; Hatef*ck; I Have Seen the Future

#08: Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~ It's Blitz!

Now I was never a fan of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I did like Maps and Cheated Hearts but never gave the band a real chance. Then It's Blitz came out and I fall in love with the band and Karen O. Yes, this album is a departure from their previous style, but I love the electronic feel this album has and Karen O's voice is not only incredible but haunting on the down-tempo numbers.

Candy for your ears: Zero; Dragon Queen; Runaway; Heads Will Roll; Skeletons

#07: Lily Allen ~ It's Not Me, Its You

Oh Ms. Allen, how I love thee. Now, some of my friends didn't like this album as much as her debut, I on the other hand fucking loved it. Lily's voice is beautiful, mature, and amazing. I feel she's evolved as an artist and moved to the next step. She's still dirty, this time around its more sugar coated. I am sad to hear she'll be retiring from music, hopefully she'll return because she has a lot to say and I want to hear it.

Candy for your ears: Fuck You; Chinese; Not Fair; 22; The Fear - And check out her cover of Britney Spear's Womanizer, it's brilliant

#06: La Roux ~ La Roux

La Roux is pure electronic joy, a great get up and dance album. I consider them to be a modern day version of the Eurythmics, Ellie Jackson's voice is unique and mesmerizing. Their music videos just enhance their sound and are fun to watch.

Candy for your ears: Bulletproof; Cover My Eyes; In For the Kill; I'm Not Your Toy

#05: Depeche Mode ~ Sounds of the Universe

This list would not be complete without Depeche Mode. I will admit I am bias, DM has been my favorite band since I was 19 and have a soft spot in my heart for these boys, no matter my mode they are my go to guys for tunes. Now, Sounds of the Universe didn't whoa me right away, it wasn't until I listened to the album a few times on repeat before I let it in. Dave Gahan's voice on the lyrics of Martin Gore is what makes this band phenomenal.

Candy for your ears: Wrong; Perfect; Comeback; Truth is/Miles Away; In Chains

#04: Blake Lewis ~ Heartbreak on Vinyl

American Idol alumni, Blake Lewis's sophomore album is infused with pop, new wave, and electronica; what more could I boy ask for? I was a fan of Blake during his time on Idol and really only rooted for him because I thought he was a cutie, but his voice won me over and wasn't surprised that he came in second to Jordin Sparks. Like most Idol contests Blake's debut album didn't quite make me jump for joy, there was a lot going on in that album. Heartbreak in an evolution of an artist, from it's title track which pays homage of record stores of old to Sad Song a throwback to the anthems of the 80's. This is one not to miss.

Candy for your ears: Heartbreak on Vinyl; Sad Song; Binary Love; Rebel without a Cause

#03: Glee: The Music volumes 1 & 2

GLEE makes me happy, 'nuff said!

Candy for your ears: All of them!!!

#02: Lady GaGa ~ The Fame Monster

GaGa was casted her spell on me and I am a devoted little monster. This 8 track E.P. companion to her smash hit debut album shows a progression of a songwriter and artist. Her songs are catchy as hell, her videos push the envelope, and her style gets you talking. She is an ICON already and the bitch is only 23! I can't wait to she what she has in store for 2010.

Candy for your ears: Bad Romance; Dance in the Dark; Speechless; So Happy I Could Die

#01: The Gossip ~ Music for Men

The Gossip is the best band you are not listening to. Beth Ditto is a GODDESS! Her voice is enchanting and simply beautiful. Music for Men is a fantastic album that breaks down walls and gets people moving. I highly recommend you add this album to your library, you will not be disappointed.

Candy for your ears: Heavy Cross; Four Letter Word; Love Long Distance; Men in Love; Pop Goes the World


Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
Allison Iraheta - Just Like You
Carrie Underwood - Play On
Florence and the Machine - Lungs
Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted
Little Boots - Hands
The Lovemakers - Let's Be Friends
Mika - The Boy Who Knew Too Much
Muse - The Resistance
Owl City - Ocean Eyes
Rihanna - Rated R
White Lies - To Lose My Life

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