Thursday, April 7, 2011

Idol Envy: Top 9 - Rock & Roll

Sorry I've been MIA as of late. A wedding down in Redlands, bonding with the niece and nephews, Wondercon (comic convention in the city, which I worked) and just plain being tired have kept me from focusing on the blog. But what a results show!

This week the Top 9 honored the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and these guys and gals brought there A game.

Here's the breakdown of Songs from last night

Casey Abrams - Have You Ever Seen the Rain
It was nice to see a more controlled Casey, this toned down version of himself is what will keep him in the competition, but the next time he goes a little aggro on stage America will not be calling in.

Hayley Reinhart - Piece of My Heart
I like Hayley and want to see her stick around, she gave a great performance, it wasn't perfect but she is fun. When she hits her mid range she sounds stellar, love the growls.

Jacob Lusk - Man in the Mirror
Jacob has a great voice and really is a Diva trapped in a man's body. He gave a great performance but was a little overshadowed by having Siedah Garrett (who co-wrote the song) as his "duet" partner, did this help or harm him??

James Durbin - While My Guitar Gentle Weeps
This is James's "Mad World" moment, we get to see his softer side. When the song began I wasn't sure if I was gonna love it, but by that end note there was no doubt. I loved the performance and I think this will be the first Idol download of the season for me.

Lauren Aliana - (You Make Me Feel Like a ) Natural Woman
Lauren, maybe this wasn't the best choice for this week. Lauren has been compared to one Miss Kelly Clarkson all season and for those of us that watched that first season, we remember Kelly's performance and how much she rocked that song. There really should be a rule that says if a past winner sang it, off limits because comparisons will be a coming. With that said, I thought she did a good job, but will be calling like a mo fo to keep her around because I do like this girl.

Paul McDonald - Folsom City Blues
I don't know what to think of Paul. I like that his has this unique voice and out there personality, but when I'm shopping for music will I be adding his to my cart?? Thinking back on last night's performance, Paul did a great good, being in the Bottom 3 really does scare the shit out of you. I still don't think this was the right song for him, there are plenty other Johnny Cash songs out there that I feel would have worked better for him.

Pia Toscano - River Deep Mountain High
Well, after 2 weeks of being asked to give us an uptempo number Pia delivered with the Ike & Tina Turner classic, "River Deep, Mountain High" I freaking love this song (as well as the Glee version), but wasn't feeling Pia. Yes, she sounded great and hit those notes but I wanted just a little bit more from this performance, Tina had this energy when she was on stage that Pia doesn't have yet.

Scotty McCreedy - That's Alright
I'm bored with Scotty, each week it's the same performance for me. He has yet to wow me, Middle America & the South must love this kid, but he still isn't getting one of my votes.

Stefano Langone - When a Man Loves a Woman
Why are you still here?? Of all the guys, Stefano is the weakest. Remember last week's result song group numbers, when he performed with James, Paul, and Casey? When he's singing with another person who's voice is better you can definately hear that his isn't quite up to par, hence why America didn't vote him into the Top 12.

On a side note, the website has chosen Paul McDonald as their Idol poster boy, I personally think Stefano is way worst but that's just me. Past vote for the worst Idol hopefulls include Sanjaya and last season's cutie Tim Urban.

My votes went to James, Lauren, and Hayley

My guesses for the bottom were Stefano, Scotty, and possibly Lauren and boy was I WRONG!

Results Show quick recap!

Ryan brings 3 contestants up at a time, revealing that one is in the Bottom 3

Group 1: Stefano, Lauren, and Casey - my guess is that Stefano is not safe this week and I'm right.

Group 2: Paul, Scotty, and Pia - my guess would be either Scotty or Paul; Ryan reveals Pia is in the bottom for the first time.

Group 3: James, Jacob, and Hayley - My guess would be either Hayley or possibly Jacob and it is Jacob.

The Bottom 3 stand as Stefano, Pia, and Jacob. My hope is that Stefano finally says goodbye, but I'm shocked as the rest of America when Ryan reveals it's the end of the road for Pia. I honestly thought she was gonna be the Last Girl Standing and making it as far as the Final 3. Pia was asked to perform a swan song and she chose "I'll Stand by You" and gave one of the best Swan Songs in the competition. I bet the judges are kicking themselves for saving Casey 2 weeks ago.

Till next time, Envy Out!