Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Idol Envy: Top 10 What Becomes of the Broken Hearted + Elimination Night

This week's theme was R&B with their mentor Usher. Let's see who fucked this week up.

Siobhan Magnus ~ Through the Fire
Siobhan, honey this was not your night. I love this girl and will be calling till my fingers bleed. She has the talent, she just had an off night. There were pitch problems that we could not escape from, her killer high notes were amazing and I loved them. It's her signature thing, people are either gonna love it or hate it. I felt her nerves took over tonight, here's hoping America gives this girl some love because she deserves to stay.

Casey James ~ Hold On I'm Coming
Still not a fan. With that said, that was a great performance. He was in his element and you could feel the energy. I do prefer a more rocker Casey than the laid back surfer Casey. Song choice was great, this song has a great melody that is super catchy and will be stuck in my head through the commercial break.

Michael Lynche ~ Ready for Love
Girls, they be swooning. I can not deny that Michael has an amazing voice, this was a stellar performance. Michael is one of the best guys in this competition. His ballads are great, and he reminds me of Luther Vandross.

Didi Benami ~ What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
Didi quit crying!! First off, I thought Didi looked stunning. Secondly, it wasn't a bad performance, but wished their was more. Didi has never been a favorite of mine and honestly I don't think her voice is as strong as some of the other girls. I think if Siobhan had chosen that song she would have killed it, Didi's flat lined. I feel she's in danger of going home; if not this week than very soon.

Tim Urban ~ Sweet Love
I have a lot of friends who can't stand Tim and I know the website www.Votefortheworst.com has chosen Tim has their Idol poster boy this year. I highly recommend checking out the site, it's hilarious. But to be honest he's not as terrible has we think; granted he's not amazing, but at least he's trying. This week's performance was on the boring side and he's been holding on by a thread in this competition since he started, so will this be Tim's final week? Will have to wait and see.

Andrew Garcia ~ Forever
FINALLY!!!! Now this is the Andrew Garcia that I remember. This was the perfect song, it was a great performance, and has proven why he deserves to be here. Now, next week he needs to maintain this level of goodness and I will agree with Simon, Andrew needs to show more personality. Oh, and Mama Garcia is awesome!

Katie Stevens ~ Chain of Fools
Katie is getting better, she still has some work to do; but overall I can't help but not like this girl. I enjoyed her song choice and I see her potential. The judges still seem to waver between the direction she should take as an artist, if she's still around when Idol goes Country we'll see if Simon is right.

Lee Dewyze ~ Treat Her Like a Lady
Last week, Lee hit a turning point and this week he continued on the path. This was by far Lee's best performance. I felt his energy, his vocals were solid and he sounded great. I go back and forth with Lee, I like him but I'm not totally in love with him; overall, I was entertained tonight.

Crystal Bowersox ~ Midnight Train to Georgia
Crystal changed it up this week by dropping the guitar and put herself behind a piano, she did a beautiful job. I wasn't a fan at first but each week Crystal is growing on me. She is so well rounded and polished. One of the best performances of the night.

Aaron Kelly ~ Ain't No Sunshine
Last year, this was the song that proved Kris Allen could take the competition. Will it hold the same for Aaron? He had some issues with the vocals in the beginning but as the song went he found his footing. He has potential and America loves this kid so he'll be back next week.

Another Idol show is done, and it was an improvement over last weeks show. Best performances of the night went to Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze.
Worst of the night go to Didi Benami and Siobhan Magnus (I don't like writing Siobhan and worst in the same sentence.)

Who gets my vote: Siobhan, she is better than this performance and needs my love and support.


It's Elimination Night!!!
My predictions going into tonight's elimination are of the following, Didi and Tim and my definite choices, with the third being either Katie or Siobhan (I'm hoping if it is Siobhan, she's the first to go back to the couches).

Let's see how this plays out....

Seat 1 went to Katie (I was a little scared since Siobhan was put on the spot with Katie and did you see how shocked she was? I seriously think she thought she was going home after last night's performance.)
Seat 2 went to Didi - not surprised
Seat 3 went to smiling Tim Urban - again, are we really surprised Tim is in the bottom another week?

Once the three are assembled center stage, Ryan sends Katie back to the couches. Now between the two remaining Idols, Didi should stay, but I feel Tim may be with us another week. And I'm right.

So, Didi gets her final chance to sway the judges. For her final song she chose to perform Rhiannon. This song was perfect for her voice and she sounded great, but I had a feeling that the judges weren't going to use the save on her. Again, I was right.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Idol Envy Top 11: You're No Good + Elimination Night

Every week is a big week for these contestants, but tonight the 10 who move on will become the Idols you will be seeing on this year's upcoming Idol tour, so the pressure is on and many cracked under it this week.

This week's theme was Billboard's #1 hits with their mentor... Miley Cyrus??? Whatever.

Lee Dewyze ~ The Letter
Lee has finally broken out of his shell. Our resident rocker went the big band route with his rendition of the Letter. He did a great job on his vocals and he looked like he was enjoying himself on stage.

Paige Miles ~ Against All Odds
Why, oh why does Paige chose these big songs? I'm sorry but that was terrible, Paige should have gone home last week; Lacey's performance may have been boring but at least she sounded good. Paige has been lost since she entered the Top 24. The judge's kept reminding us that Paige has a great voice, but I think they are lying. Paige needs to go.

Tim Urban ~ Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Oh Tim, you are taking a huge, huge risk by doing Queen. At least you look like you're having fun on stage because vocally there was nothing special there. He's the weakest of the guys, but Paige is so much worse.

Aaron Kelly ~ I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
That was a great performance and the boy was sick. Aaron did a bang up job. This was the perfect choice for his voice, he's been pretty good at choosing the right songs for his vocal range.

Crystal Bowersox ~ Me and Bobby McGee
What a perfect song for Ms. Bowersox. Crystal is extremely comfortable on that stage and each week it shows. Great performance. My only negative critique, I hated her outfit.

Michael Lynche ~ When a Man Loves a Woman
Michael can sing sappy love songs, he did a great job tonight, his falsetto was working tonight. Even though he sounded great, I was a bit bored.

Andrew Garcia ~ Heard It Through the Grapevine
Andrew is a funny one. He peaked super early and has been chasing that moment the last few weeks. Sad to say this week was nothing special. His vocals were okay, but I know he can do better. Also, this wasn't the best song for him.

Katie Stevens ~ Big Girls Don't Cry
Sometimes I forget Katie is only 17, her voice is just so mature. She had a few pitch problems but overall she did a good job.

Casey James ~ Power of Love
I was slightly entertained with Casey's performance this week (last week I was bored, so this is a good thing). I didn't like this song for him, he didn't bring anything new to the song he sounded just like Huey. In general, I'm not a huge fan of Casey, this might be because I'm not a cougar and his allure hasn't mesmerized me.

Didi Benami ~ You're No Good
I waver when it comes to Didi. I'm not a fan (she doesn't excite me) but I think she has a unique voice. With tonight's performance, I liked the concept, it just was not executed well. Didi may be finding herself in the bottom three this week.

Siobhan Magnus ~ Superstition
It's safe to say by now you know I love me Ms. Siobhan, and this week it is no different. Siobhan has been channeling Adam Lambert and I am loving it. I do agree with Simon that Siobhan's performances will split her voters, either you are gonna love it or hate it. Overall, Siobhan has a voice on her that I can not get enough of.


Predictions going into tonight's elimination are Paige, Tim, and Andrew (or Didi) rounding out this week's bottom three. Here's how it went.

1) Paige
2) Tim
Big surprise that these two are the first ones in the bottom 3 tonight.
3) Katie - okay, I did not think she'd be in this spot this week.

First to return to the safe couches... Katie (because she didn't deserve to be there in the first place)

So who went home.. Paige (Finally!)

So, Paige was told she would not be saved this week and with the pressure off she actually sounded great. Now where was this girl the last few weeks?? Needless to say, even if the judge's were going to offer her the chance of the save her performances the last few weeks were not those of an Idol.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Idol Envy: Top 12 - You Can't Always Get What You Want + Elimination Night!

I'm still a little upset over last week's eliminations, miss ya Alex! Okay, the Top 12 hits the stage this week by singing the songs of the Rolling Stones. Let's see how they did.

Michael Lynche performed Miss You
Michael has a very nice falsetto, he has stage presence, and energy. He made the song soulful, vocally Michael sounded like James Brown; this is not a bad thing. Overall, this was a great way to start this round of competition.

Didi Benami performed Play with Fire
This was the perfect song for Didi's voice, it worked very well. This was her best performance since entering the Top 24; but I did feel like she was trying a little too hard with this performance.

Casey James performed It's All Over Now
Was I the only person bored with Casey's performance?? He's so much better than this. Vocally it was good and he sounded nice but it was a little safe.

Lacey Brown performed Ruby Tuesday
Lacey chose another slow song, I wished she would have chosen to start slow and then pick up the beat. Vocally, this was one of Lacey's best performances and her voice is growing on me. On the performance side, it was safe, but still good.

Andrew Garcia performed Gimme Shelter
Oh Andrew, what are we gonna do with you? Andrew has a powerful voice and had a few key moments with his performance. But something was off, and i can't really put a finger on what it was.

Katie Stevens performed Wild Horses
This was a great song for Katie's vocal range. I think she did a stellar job. It started off a little weak but had a great finish. I think Katie's biggest issue is the judge's inconsistencies with her critiques.

Tim Urban performed Under My Thumb
Tim has shown a lot of improvement these last few weeks. He chose a reggae version of Under My Thumb, which the judges didn't quite love. I thought it worked for him.

Siobhan Magnus performed Paint It Black
A-Maz-Ing!!! This girl blows me again every week. I loved the down tempo, melancholy, dramatic fill she brings to the competition. Her range is amazing and is very Lambert-esque. Best performance of the night, totally going to Itunes and downloading this performance.

Lee Dewyze performed Beast of Burden
Vocally Lee's voice is nothing we haven't heard before, but it's great nonetheless. I wasn't wowed by his performance, it felt safe. I think he still needs to break out of his shell, felt like he was holding back.

Paige Miles performed Honky Tonk Woman
Paige has yet to wow me. This song did fit Paige's voice better, but it sounded off. It sounded off due to Paige having laryngitis. Overall, Paige did a better job this week, but I feel her time on Idol is reaching its end.

Aaron Kelly performed Angie
This was a much better performance than last week. Aaron has a really great voice and did a fantastic job with this performance.

Crystal Bowersox performed You Can't Always Get What You Want
Crystal made this song her own. Another great performance. Crystal is one of the best girls in the competition; win or loss she'll come out on top.

Best Performance on the night goes to Siobhan Magnus!


Predictions going into tonight's eliminations are: Paige Miles and Tim Urban, I'm having a hard time picking a third.

First Idol to enter the bottom three: Paige Miles, followed by Tim Urban and finally Lacey Brown.
And the first to be granted safety... Tim Urban, who always looks shocked when ever he is told he's safe (very cute).

Personally, I think Paige will be the one going home tonight.

So, which Idol had to sing for there life... Lacey Brown (sad face).

Lacey was given another shot at remaining in the competition by singing for the judge's one last time hopping they would use the Judge's Save one her. How the Judge's Save works is as follows; the eliminated Idol will perform one more time for the judges and if all four judges agree the contestant will remain in the competition. The Judge's Save can only be used once, so they will be very picky on who gets it. Last year, the contestant had to sing the song from the previous nights performance, this year it can be any song already performed. Lacey chose to sing her Top 16 song, The Story. It was an alright performance, but wasn't strong enough. Of course, the judges chose to not use the save this week.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Idol Envy: Top 16 pt. 3 - "So Long Farewell" It's Elimination Night

Tonight the game changes, the Top 12 will be revealed and the true stars will begin to shine.

Group 1: Didi Benami, Katelyn Epperly, Siobhan Magnus, and Paige Miles
And the first two ladies to join this years Top 12 are Didi and Siobhan (YES!!!!)
Leaving Paige and Katelyn, we know one is moving on. Based on the last three weeks I would guess Katelyn is the third girl going through tonight, I guessed wrong. Paige makes it into the Top 12 and Katelyn will sing her swan song.
Yes, Katelyn's performance last night was weak, very safe, and not her best, but vocally I thought she did a much better job than Paige. This competition is known for their shockers. Let's see how the first group of guys fair.

Group 2: Tim Urban, Todrick Hall, Lee Dewyze, and Casey James
Casey and Tim (yay, I get dreamy eyes for another week) are the first set of guys to enter the Top 12.
Thus, leaving Todrick and Lee center stage. Of the two, Todrick has been choosing big songs and not delivering on them. Last night he did a better job, but I feel he just isn't gonna make it through, this time I am right.

Group 3: Crystal Bowersox, Lacey Brown, Michael Lynche, and Aaron Kelly
Crystal is the next girl to enter the top 12 (this was a no brainer). She's followed by another obvious choice, Michael Lynche. Lacey Brown is brought to the center stage and told she too has made the top 12. Aaron Kelly takes Lacey's place at the center of the stage. Aaron had a rocky performance last night, but America sees the potential in him and votes him through to the top 12.

Group 4: Alex Lambert and Andrew Garcia/Katie Stevens and Lilly Scott
The first two brought to the center of the stage are Alex and Andrew. I really would have preferred to see two other contestants at this moment. Alex's has shown improvement each week and gave a solid performance last night. Andrew hit a pinnacle during Hollywood week, which we haven't seen him repeat since, but he has a great voice. So who did America chose? Andrew Garcia. I am so gonna miss Alex, I love his voice, dorkiness, and even his stupid mullet.

Next up, Katie Stevens and Lilly Scott get brought center. Last night Katie's performance was not good, on the upside she chose a young song it just was not the right young song. Katie took the judge's previous critiques and applied them to her performance, but the payoff just wasn't there. Lilly, on the other hand did a much better job, in retrospective her performance of I Fall to Pieces may not have been the right song at this stage of the competition. So who stays? Lilly who has star potential or Katie the young girl with the mature voice. My choice would be Lilly, America did not agree with me.

This years Top 12 has been chosen. I'm sad to see Alex and Lilly go, but I have to remind myself that in the end there is only one winner. And with this show, sometimes losing can be the best thing for your career.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Idol Envy: Top 16 pt. 2 - The Boys are Back in Town

The Boys are back! The A game was brought and a few more busted from the pack.

~ Lee Dewyze performed Fireflies
At this stage of the competition, risks need to be taken. Lee took one by singing Owl City's Fireflies as a rock song. It worked, but I still love the original better. Lee had a few pitch issues, but overall he did a good job. He will make Top 12.

~ Alex Lambert performed Trouble
This was Alex's best performance so far. Alex's confidence grows each week, he keeps getting better. This was a simple song that he played beautifully. I do agree with the judges, Alex just needs to relax on stage. Other than that, he's in the Top 12.

~ Tim Urban performed Hallelujah
Many people wrote Tim off after his terrible performance of Apologize, but strangely Tim has gotten better. This song is overplayed on Idol and his rendition wasn't anything spectacular, but he did a great job none the less. He just needs to stop singing preachy songs. Tim may actually make the Top 12.

~ Andrew Garcia performed Genie in a Bottle
Andrew was an early favorite, but his last few performances haven't been up to par. He took a risk with his song choice this week, and it may have paid off for him. Andrew's a contender and has a great voice. He should be in the Top 12, hopefully America agrees.

~ Casey James performed You'll Think of Me
Casey gave us an honest performance, a little safe, but overall great. Casey is one of the top guys in the competition and Top 12 has been in his reach since the beginning.

~ Aaron Kelly performed I'm Already There
Aaron's young and has a very nice voice for a 16 year old. He started off shaky but had a nice finish. He came across nervous, still not quite as comfortable on the stage. I think Aaron may be getting axed this week.

~ Todrick Hall performed Somebody to Love
Todrick has been taking risks with his song choices, again he chose a huge song to take on, but the question is did it pay off? Personally, he did not blow me away. This was his best performance, a bit theatrical, but in the end he did a good job. I felt he was trying to channel Adam Lambert for this performance. Will Todrick make Top 12? Will find out tomorrow night.

~ Michael Lynche performed Women's Work
Michael took a huge, huge risk with this song and it paid off! Michael is the guy to beat. I was quite surprised by this performance, he did a fantastic job. The best of the night!!

All the guys did good tonight, which makes my predictions for those going home a little harder. I believe Todrick Hall and Aaron Kelly will be the two going home, but would not be surprised if Tim Urban or Andrew Garcia got booted instead.

My votes went to Alex Lambert and I gave Tim Urban a few votes (I'm entranced by his dreamy eyes).


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Idol Envy: Top 16 pt. 1 - What it Feels Like for a Girl

The elusive Top 12 is only a week away and the ladies needed to be on their A game tonight if they hoped to make it in. Sadly, not everyone received the memo.

~ Katie Stevens performed Breakaway
I've liked Katie since her original audition and do believe she has potential. The problem, she took a risk on a big song and failed to deliver the goods. She had a few nice moments but overall it was a very rocky performance. America may give her another shot, but the odds aren't that great.

~ Siobhan Magnus performed The House of the Rising Sun
I love this girl!!! My favorite of the season. The performance was beautiful; Siobhan is one of the best girls in the competition. I love my dark horse with the melancholy voice. Get ready Top 12, because here she comes.

~ Lacey Brown performed The Story
Boring performance aside, this was the right song for her. Lacey sounded really good tonight. Will we remember this performance tomorrow, probably not, but she'll most likely make Top 12.

~ Katelyn Epperly performed I Felt the Earth Move
Last week, she did an amazing job with Coldplay's The Scientist, tonight she did a Karaoke version of Carole King. Yes, she has nice voice but her performance lacked that wow factor Simon is looking for. I was bored, and she looked it too.

~ Didi Benami performed Rhiannon
Okay, I don't know how I feel about Didi. She hasn't wowed me with any of her performances; yes, she has a lovely voice and tonight she chose the right song for herself - but who cares. Didi will most likely get into the Top 12.

~ Paige Miles performed Smile
Paige hasn't chosen the right songs for her voice range since entering the Top 24. She has a great voice, but the songs she's been singing aren't allowing her voice to shine. Each week Paige has been listed in my those in jeopardy section and I think this week will be her last.

~ Crystal Bowersox performed Give Me One Reason to Stay Here
Crystal really is the girl to beat; she's polished, energetic, and has an amazing voice. She had the best performance of the night. I needed her upbeat performance after so many down tempo songs.

~ Lilly Scott performed I Fall to Pieces
I'm still loving Lilly, she did an excellent job on this song. Lilly has something that makes me what to listen to her. Top 12 is in her reach.

Crystal, Lilly, and Siobhan had the best performances of the night and are guaranteed spots in the Top 12. So, who will be joining them? I think Lacey, Didi, and Katelyn will more than likely take the final 3 female spots of this years Top 12. Katie and Paige are the two in jeopardy of leaving. I wouldn't be surprised if Katie made it into the Top 12 and Katelyn is eliminated Thursday night.

My votes went to Siobhan Magnus and Lilly Scott


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ear Candy: Wonderland Edition - The Red Queen Diaries

With the release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and my dear friend Melissa's birthday; the two of us put our heads together and came up with the perfect mix for any Wonderland enthusiast. If I was more computer savvy, you my dear reader would be downloading a zip file; but alas, I am not. Now, let's take a trip through the looking glass and explore the all the wonders of Wonderland. Without further ado, Harry Envy & Agent Bossy Boots present...


Siouxsie and the Banshees ~ Hall of Mirrors
The Dresden Dolls ~ Pretty in Pink
Yeah Yeah Yeahs ~ Heads will Roll
The Cruxshadows ~ The 8th Square
Florence and the Machine ~ Girl with One Eye
The Pierces ~ Turn on Billie
Metric ~ Gold Guns Girls
Amanda Ghost & Dark Globe ~ Break My World
Kerli ~ Walking on Air
The Gossip ~ For Keeps
Bat for Lashes ~ Sleep Alone
Moby ~ One of These Mornings
La Roux ~ Tigerlily
Ida Maria ~ Queen of the World
The Drawing Room ~ Skeleton Key
The Noisettes ~ Saturday Night
Nico Vega ~ Gravity
Theievery Corporation ~ 33 Degrees
Duran Duran ~ Falling Down

Idol Envy: Top 20 pt. 3 - "So Long, Farewell" - Elimination Night

Two weeks into the competition and only a few contestants have broken away from the pack, well others remain in their safety zones. There were some bold song choices made this week, but in the end many did not deliver.

So, after some thought I believe the following Idol hopefuls will be singing their swan songs tonight:
Jermaine Sellers
John Park
Hayley Vaughn
Didi Benami

And here we go...

1) John Park
After 2 weeks of safe, unmemorable performances John is the first to say good-bye tonight.. I do feel John should have left last week, but America loves their sob stories. Last minute thoughts: John does have a nice voice, he just chose the wrong songs and did not stand out.

2) Jermaine Sellers
Jermaine has a great spirit and is very likable; he just didn't step far enough away from his safety zone. Last minute thoughts: I felt Jermaine sounded much better tonight than he did on Tuesday. If he had done this on Tuesday, he might still be in the competition.

3) Michelle Delamor
I knew Michelle wasn't gonna make the Top 12, I just didn't think she be going home this week. Last minute thoughts: I think America made the right choice.

4) Hayley Vaughn
I do like Hayley, but in retrospect her performance wasn't the best. She young and needs more time to train her instrument. Last minute thoughts: She was sad to go and you could her it in her voice.

The competition is getting tight and a few Idol hopefuls are in fear of getting cut next. We'll see how things stand next week.
My advice: Sing as if you are getting eliminated! A few contestants swan songs from last week and this week sounded much better than your original performances for our votes.


Idol Envy: Top 20 pt. 2 - What a Girl Wants

Our Top 10 girls take the stage and let's see who can deliver the goods and who fails to breakout of their safety zones.

Crystal Bowersox - As Long as I Can See the Light
Crystal cleans up well. I'm reminded of Bonnie Rait with this performance. Crystal has one of the best voices in the competition and proves that she has staying power. This is what we want to see; contestants moving forward and challenging themselves.

Hayley Vaughn - The Climb
I think Hayley is adorable, I like her personality and find her to be fun and bubbly. But her age is starting to show, she's young and does need a few more years to train her voice. Even through I felt she did a good job, the song was pitchy. This may be the end of the road for Hayley, we'll see what America decides.

Lacey Brown - Kiss Me
Lacey took Kara's recommendation by sing Kiss Me and it was an improvement from last week's performance. This song fitted Lacey's voice, but it wasn't the best performance. I like Lacey and want her to stay, she needs to step up her game.

Katie Stevens - Put Your Records On
Comparing Katie to Hayley, I feel Katie has the better chance at lasting longer in this competition. Katie has a richness to her voice that makes you forget she's only 17. I don't think this was the right song for her, but nonetheless she'll live to sing again.

Didi Benami - Lean On Me
Ok, Didi has a nice voice, I was not digging her rendition of Lean on Me. I see her potential but feel like she's still playing it safe; get out of the comfort zone! Simon made her cry, which I find funny, but this is a great way to gain some sympathy votes out of America.

Michelle Delamor - With Arms Wide Open
Michelle took a risk with this song and I feel it paid off, sort of. She played it safe last week and tonight she stepped out of her comfort zone; something I'd like all the contestants to do. Her last note was not great, but I think she'll be around for another week.

Lilly Scott - A Change is Gonna Come
Lilly has one of the most unique voices of the season. She understands the importance of song choice; she's been choosing some great songs to perform for her vocally styling. One of the best girls in the competition. I see Lilly lasting a long time.

Katelyn Epperly - The Scientist
Katelyn has a very nice voice and this was a very good song for her; plus she was wearing a much better outfit - I love her retro style. Yes, this song came off slow, but it's a slow song. There's potential here and she will easily make Top 12.

Paige Miles - Walk Away
I waver with Paige, I think she's good, but I'm not wowed by her. She has energy and shows it when she performs. The problem, this song was too big for her. If she survives another week, I'm not sure what she can do to enter into the Top 12.

Siobhan Magnus - Think
I LOVE Siobhan!!! She is my favorite of the season. She chose a challenging song and nailed it; that last note was killer. There were a few problems, but I overlooked them. This dark horse is the one to watch.

Overall, a few girls have shown what they can do (Crystal, Lilly and Siobhan) and have shown the other girls they are a force to be reckoned with. We saw better song choices this week and some risks, but many did not pay off in the end. Stop playing it safe, ladies, break out of your comfort zone and move forward!

The following girls are in jeopardy of leaving this week:
Hayley Vaughn
Did Benami
Paige Miles
Katie Stevens

The following girls would have gotten my vote, if I had watched the show on time - Siobhan Magnus, Lilly Scott, Lacey Brown


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Idol Envy: Top 20 pt. 1 - This is a Man's World

Idol did the old switcheroo this week; the girls were originally scheduled to perform but were switched to tomorrow due to contestant Crystal Bowersox taking ill.

So, last week many of the gents were trying way to hard to stand out, they did... in a bad way. Let's see if the nerves have calmed down and the song choices got better.

Michael Lynche - This is a Man's World
Michael has the stage presence of an Idol. I did think he was trying a bit too hard to prove to the judges he wasn't opening act material, he succeeded. America and the judges love him, he'll be back next week.

John Park - Gravity
When will Idol hopefuls stop singing John Mayer??? The positive: John chose the right song to sing and did a much better job doing so. The negative: it was safe, John is not a big personality compared to some of the other contestants, and is very easily lost in the crowd. Chances are slim for John making it another week.

Casey James - I Don't Want to Be
Well, Hello Rock God. Casey made this song is own and I am digging the voice, but I felt he was trying too hard this week. Last week, he did great. This week I agree with Kara; it seemed like he didn't advance forward and like Ellen said, he was stiff, even a bit unsure. Where was that laid back open shirted Casey from last week? Regardless Casey will return next week thanks to the Cougars of America.

Alex Lambert - Everybody Knows
I really like Alex, he is easily becoming a favorite, plus his dorkiness is kind of a turn on. Performance wise, much better than last week. His nerves have calmed down and we are seeing the potential in him. I do think Alex need a new hair style, but other than that he's in the clear for next week.

Todrick Hall - What's Love Got to do With It
Last week Todrick murdered Kelly Clarkson, this week I felt he did Tina Turner justice. Todrick can sing and he showed us what he is capable of. Yes, it was a big song for him and I like that he is taking risks. The judges weren't feeling this performance which puts Todrick in jeopardy of going home because a lot of America listens to what Simon has to say. We'll see how it turns out on Thursday's results show.

Jermaine Sellers - What's Going On
What's going on is right. Jermaine has a very nice voice, but this rendition was not great. He is still playing it safe, I don't see him making it past this week.

Andrew Garcia - You Give Me Something
I don't know why I think of Danny Gokey everytime Andrew opens his mouth, these thoughts are not pleasant. Vocally, Andrew has one of the best voices this season; I just wasn't feeling this performance - I was bored tonight. I think Andrew deserves a spot in the Top 12, hopefully America agrees.

Aaron Kelly - My Girl
The ball of nerves we saw last week have vanished. Aaron delivered one of the best performances of the night. He has potential and I want to see him make it into the Top 12.

Tim Urban - Come on Get Higher
Tim needed to sing GOLD this week, this performance got the Bronze in my book. An improvement from last week (that was awful). Song choice was perfect for him, I just felt like it came off a little preachy; it's one of those songs you'd find on those WOW Christian compilations. It's hard to judge whether Tim will survive another week, he's cute and with Simon commenting on his improvement he may get a few extra votes. Side note: Ellen is soooo right, Tim needs to join the cast of GLEE, just so I can look at his dreamy blue eyes 24/7.

Lee Dewyze - Lips of an Angel
Lee is this season's "rocker". He has a very unique voice, perfect for those rockish ballads. I did see some nerves tonight, but it's due to him leaving his comfort zone (which these contestants need to do in the competition). This was the perfect song for Lee and it secured him a spot in the Top 12.

Overall, most of the guys showed vast improvements from last week. Some song choices were perfect but the vocals were not up to par. It's going to be hard to tell who's going home on this week's results show, but I feel the feeling are in danger;
John Park
Todrick Hall
Jermaine Sellers
Tim Urban

My precious votes went to Alex Lambert, Aaron Kelly, and Andrew Garcia.
OK I threw Tim Urban a few votes too, what?? Have you seen how cute he is??