Thursday, April 22, 2010

Idol Envy: Top 7 - People Get Ready + Idol Gives Back/Results

This week is the annual Idol Gives Back Charity Show, which makes tonight's theme Inspirational Songs with their mentor Alicia Keys.
Did the Idols Inspire??

Casey James ~ Don't Stop
Actually, Casey please stop!! Tonight Casey brought nothing new to the stage, he sounded good and his guitar playing was excellent and that was about it. At this stage of the game these contestants need to bring it and have each performance be better than the last. These last two weeks have been blah and the boy is in jeopardy of being in the bottom three this week.

Lee Dewyze ~ The Boxer
I was a little worried for Lee this week, America broke up the Bromance last week and he took it pretty hard (hee hee for double entendres). Anyway, Lee sounded amazing tonight, one of his best performances on the Idol stage. Lee stepped up his game and each week is getting stronger. I'll be honest, Lee is slowing becoming the boy to beat.

Tim Urban ~ Better Days
Tim certainly has had some better days, the little engine that could may be facing elimination this week. I did enjoy his performance, I feel Tim has finally found a niche in his vocal styling, but like Casey this week this performance was nothing new. I have seen an improvement in his voice since he re-entered the Top 24 all those weeks back and that smile gets my black heart all melty, but all things come to an end and this week will be Tim's last.

Aaron Kelly ~ I Believe I Can Fly
This is a huge song for Aaron and he needs to knock it out of the ballpark to be safe this week, sadly it was a little too big for him. He struggled with the song in the beginning but had quite an amazing finish, but overall it wasn't his best performance.

Siobhan Magnus ~ When You Believe
This wasn't my favorite performance and I love this girl. It was a huge song to start off with and she didn't quite capture that, I will say she sounded beautifully and looked stunning per usual. Simon said it was odd and all over the place, I'll be honest those are the qualities I find that make Siobhan so great in my book, hence why I love her.

Michael Lynche ~ Hero
Oh Michael, the judges saved you and you are not delivering the goods. This was an alright performance, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't great either. Michael does really well on those love song/high falsetto numbers; when you goes for the soft rock it doesn't always come across to the audience. I think he'll be safe but next week he needs to step up his game, like 200%.

Crystal Bowersox ~ People Get Ready
Can they just give this girl the title already, because really who else deserves it?? Crytsal stripped down tonight with just a mice and her voice (her most powerful weapon) and delivered the best performance of the night; blowing everyone out of the water and across the state. Now this is the way to end a show!


I will be completely honest, I cheated and peaked at all the blogs on the East Coast because I really didn't want to sit through the Idol Gives Back show, I know I'm a terrible person. Good thing I didn't since the show ran an extra 25 minutes long!!!
I did turn in at the end to hear the results.

Anyway here's the good stuff, after last nights less than inspirational night of music I know Crystal and Lee will be moving onto the Top 6, but the remaining 5 are all in jeopardy. Side note: During the first Idol Gives Back show no contest was eliminated that night; the votes carried over to the next week were two contestants were let go. That stopped the second year and we were informed tonight that we will be saying bye bye to someone. So, who will it be...

First up is Casey vs. Crystal. This is a no-brainer, Crystal delivered the best performance last night and of course she was gonna be safe.

Next up is Lee vs. Aaron. Another no-brainer, Lee's performance was twenty times better than Aaron's I am not surprised Aaron joined Casey in the Bottom 3.

The remaining three: Siobhan, Michael, and Tim are brought center stage and Siobhan is the first to be told she'll be making the Top 6 (my votes did matter). Even though I enjoyed Tim's performance better than Mike's I knew Tim was gonna be in the Bottom 3 this week.

So the Bottom 3 ended up being Casey, Aaron, and Tim. Ryan informs Aaron his safe leaving me hoping that Ryan calls Casey's name as the Idol going home tonight. Sadly, my eye candy this year will be leaving me. Your bright smile, dreamy eyes, and shaggy hair will be missed next week Mr. Urban, it's been a fun ride.

Next week we find Shania Twain back as the mentor as the Top 6 sing her songbook. Whoever chooses You're Still the One better not fuck it up!


Monday, April 19, 2010

A Triple Shot of Ear Candy

Forrest Gump got it all wrong, Life is not like a box of chocolates, Goldfrapp is because you never know what you are about to listen too. On their fifth studio album, Goldfrapp returns to the eighties with a pure pop explosion; the album sounds like a soundtrack from the eighties. Head First is filled with nostalgia, beats that will get you off your ass and moving, and a yearning for some awesome mashups. Allison Goldfrapp has never sounded better.

Candy for your ears: Rocket; Dreaming, Believer, Alive, Shiny and Warm

Every so often Itunes will have a free single that is worth the listen. Itunes spotlighted the Neon Trees single Animal a few weeks back and I downloaded it and instantly fall in love with the band. Neon Trees were discovered by the Killers and fall into the same genre of modern new wave. The debut album Habits is a collection of pop, new wave, and rock. A band to watch, I see great things in their future.

Candy for the Ears: Animals, Boys and Girls in School, In the Next Room, Calling My Name.

For this last album I must thank the website Popbytes for their recommendation of Simon Curtis. 8Bit Heart is a free download on Simon Curtis's website. The album is pure electronic goodness wrapped in pop and robotic love. This album will get you moving. I highly recommend you head over to and download the album you will not be disappointed.

Candy for the Ears: Beat Drop, Diablo, SuperPsychoLove, Fell In Love with a Android

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Idol Envy: Top 9 Redux I Can't Help Falling in Love + Elimination Night

Last week the Judges used there Save on poor Michael Lynche, whose performance of the Beatles classic Eleanor Rigby left the voters at home forgetting to dial his number. So, this week the Top 9 give it their all once more. But remember, at tomorrow nights results show we will be saying bye-bye to not just 1 Idol but 2.

This week's mentor is none other than last season's Glam Rock God(dess) Adam Lambert, let's hope Mr. Lambert can bring out the energy that this year's grouping seems to be misplacing. This week's theme is the songs of Elvis!

Crystal Bowersox ~ Saved
So, this wasn't my favorite performance by Mama Sox. Needless to say, she still sounded great and killed it like she always does. She still is the girl to beat and tonight was no different.

Andrew Garcia ~ Hound Dog
Okay, I was bored with that performance. The Andrew I liked and semi-adored lost his way a few weeks back. Last week he was cheesy, and this week it was a bad karaoke (Randy agreed). Andrew did not won the stage and his star persona/quality is fading fast.

Tim Urban ~ I Can't Help Falling In Love
Wow, that was really nice and tender. Tim is coming into his own as a artist, who would have thunk it? Now, Tim may have been kept around with the help of the website, but it is Tim who has shown an improvement in his vocals, song choices and confidence. I believe Tim may last longer in this competition than anyone expects.

Lee Dewyze ~ A Little Less Conversation
Lee pushed himself this week with his performance and it worked; Lee has shown improvement since his first performance. He still needs to work on being more loose on stage, still coming across as stiff.

Aaron Kelly ~ Blue Suede Shoes
Aaron has the potential to be really great; he just needs to realize that himself. His confidence wavers and that hurts his performances. Tonight he started off shaky, but had a really nice finish. I think Aaron may be in jeopardy, if he stays he needs to step up his game.

Siobhan Magnus ~ Suspicious Minds
I love this girl!! The problem I had with this performance was that it sounded like two different songs/singers. In the end I feel she did a great job. Simon was a little hard on her tonight, but I loved Siobhan's response to his questioning her identity, "Even I can't pinpoint who or what I am, and I've always taken pride in that." You said it, girlfriend.

Michael Lynche ~ In the Ghetto
In the Ghetto is probably my favorite Elvis song and figured this would be the perfect song for Michael's voice. He did an amazing job; it was soft and sweet. A great story sung beautifully.

Katie Stevens ~ Baby What Do You Want Me To Do
Her performance tonight was awesome; she killed it! Vocally I heard a little country in her voice and thought she sounded a little bit like Carrie Underwood. Little Katie's growing up.

Casey James ~ Lawdy Miss Cloudy
I'll be honest, even through I enjoyed his performance last week, I am not a Casey fan. And this performance didn't help. It was boring and he played it very safe. He needed to take a chance this week and he brought nothing new to the stage.

Side Note: What was up with Ryan tonight? It looked like he found some of Paula's old pills and downed a few before the show.


It's Elimination Night and tonight we lose two Idol hopefuls, so which two do I think will be saying goodbye???
I think Andrew will definitely be one of the two saying goodbye tonight. The other will be tricking, I'm thinking Aaron, Casey, and maybe Siobhan (I hope I am wrong) will round out a bottom three tonight. Let's see how it goes.

Back to business; the first group taking center stage is Casey, Aaron, and Andrew. After a few moments of Ryan rambling on it is confirmed that Andrew is the first to go home tonight. Andrew was a favorite of mine early on, but over the course of the competition I lost interest in him. And did you see Lee's face when Ryan said Andrew was going home?? It looked like someone killed his puppy.

Oh look Brooke White is back and she brought Miley's ex with her....

The remaining six contestants are brought onto the stage and after each is reviewed, Ryan informs Crystal, Siobhan, and Lee that they too are safe leaving Tim, Mike, and Katie to wonder which of them is in jeopardy.

Quick break which brings Adam Lambert back to the Idol stage performing his current single Whataya Want From Me.

The "bottom" three return to the center of the stage and Tim is the first to return the the safety of the couches. Leaving Katie and Mike with Ryan; there is a part of me that kinda wants Mike to get eliminated just as an FU to the judges, but alas little miss Katie will be leaving us tonight. I thought Katie did a great job last night and didn't think she would be saying goodbye just yet.

Next week is the annual Idol Gives Back Charity Event with the theme of Inspirational songs. Prepare to be uplifted next Tuesday.


Idol Envy: Top 9 The Long and Winding Road + Elimination Night

This week the Top 9 will tackle the Songs of Lennon/McCarthy. Since this week was mentorless, the producers used that time to allow the contestant to give us the audience a little inside peak on their interactions. (like I really care.)

Now onto the good stuff....

Aaron Kelly ~ The Long and Winding Road
Aaron started out rough, he had pitch problems throughout the song. I felt like this song didn't fit his voice, was a little to big for him. Overall, it was a bit boring. He needs to switch things up. The past few weeks he has been giving us the same performance; I want to see a new side of his personality, one with a little more energy. He will be in jeopardy this week of going home.

Katie Stevens ~ Let It Be
This is a huge song, can little miss Katie pull it off? Katie gave this song her all and I thought she sounded beautiful. This was the right song for her and she did it justice. Katie is growing up before our eyes, she's becoming quite the individual and artist. Great job.

Andrew Garcis ~ Can't Buy Me Love
Andrew has always given off a rockabilly vibe and tonight his performance oozed it. I don't know what to think about the performance as a whole. It was extremely cheesy, but in a good way. Vocally, he sounded good, not great. The performance was high energy, which is a plus.

Michael Lynche ~ Eleanor Rigby
This is my favorite Beatles song; Michael don't fuck it up!! This is probably my favorite performance by Michael, I am digging this rendition. This is the Michael I enjoy watching, love song Michael bores me.

Crystal Bowersox ~ Come Together
This was the right song, really the only song she should have done. This was a killer performance with amazing vocals. The complete package. Mama Sox is taking this competition by storm.

Tim Urban ~ All My Lovin'
Tim is a funny one. I can't help but love this guy. This week he wasn't bad, his voice and hair style was a throw back to the fifties and sixties. This was a straightforward performance and I will admit I bobbed my head along to the song.

Casey James ~ Jealous Guy
This is the first time I actually enjoyed Casey's performance. This was the perfect song for him, vocally I was reminded of Eddie Veder, and he showed off a different side of him: a gentle side. This is by far Casey's best performance. Was this enough to convert me, not completely but I enjoyed him more than I have in the past.

Siobhan Magnus ~ Across the Universe
This is my second favorite Beatles song. Ms. Siobhan was simply magificent; she looked stunning and sounded amazing, and she did not belt out a single note. The judges said it was sleepy, I won't call it sleepy, it was more like a lullaby.

Lee Dewyze ~ Hey Jude
This week I felt Lee maintained; this performance was middle of the pack. He had the energy, but vocally I felt nothing special. Don't get me wrong, I do think he sounded good, but I just wanted more. The past few weeks he's had some killer performances and I wanted this one to be on that level. Overall I think he'll be around next week.

So, Beatles night is over and done. Elimination will be tricky this week, will have to think hard and review.


It's Elimination Night and after thinking about it over and discussing last night's performance with friends I feel the following three will be in trouble, Aaron, Tim, and Andrew (Lee might possibly replace one of these three).

Ryan is promising shocking results, let's see how true.

Ryan brings the final three girls center stage first and informs Crystal she is safe. Leaving Katie and Siobhan to wonder if one of them is in the bottom, luckily neither are in the bottom both are safe.

Ryan then splits the guys into two groups:
Group A is Lee, Casey, and Tim
Group B is Michael, Aaron, and Andrew.

Based on their performances last night, I'm thinking Group B is in trouble, and I am right. Ryan tells Aaron he is safe (I thought Aaron was the one to go) leaving Michael and Andrew center stage. Judging by their previous performances throughout the competition I think Andrew is saying bye-bye... I was wrong. Big Mike had the lowest votes?? I'm shocked (Ryan was right) Eleanor Rigby may not have been Michael's best performance but I didn't think it was the worst of the night.

For his farewell song he chose to sing A Woman's Worth, remember this is the song that brought Kara to tears, and of course Michael killed it. This is the right song for his voice, I'm not a huge fan of love song Michael, but he did an amazing job.
The judges voted and agreed that it was great and used the save to keep Michael in another week.

Since the save was used this week it is no longer in play. This means next week we say goodbye to two Idol hopefuls.