Thursday, March 10, 2011

Idol Envy: Top 13 Results Show

After sleeping on last night's performances and trolling the interwebs and reading what others had to say about the show, I've decided to name the following three as tonight's potential Bottom 3: Karen Rodriguez, Lauren Alaina, and Paul McDonald (I think he's safe and won't be in the bottom 2). Am I right? Let's watch and see....

8:02 pm So, we learn the Judge's Save is back this year, and if they use it tonight will be a shocker. Musical guests are Dirty Diddy Money and Adam Lambert

Now on to a video rubbing it in to all those cut last week. The tour of their Beverly Hills Mansion sponsored by Ford (that pool table was sweet though).

Oh look the first Idol group performance of the season. A tribute to Michael Jackson, and here's the interesting things I noticed with this performance
- For Scotty having such a deep voice, why could I not hear him??
- Karen sounds ten times better, but is still in trouble from last night.
- Stefano please go home, that was bad I'm switching him for Paul.
- Naima & James were awesome

8:13pm And now the Ford Focus commercial were the kids get to practice their lip syncing skills

8:15pm Hello Amanda Seyfried, you go push your movie

8:16pm More push to have us see the Twilight inspired Red Riding Hood, which I will probably end up seeing.

8:18pm okay down to business for the week.
Ryan calls Jacob, Karen, and Stefano to the center of the stage. If only one is in the bottom, Karen's performance was probably the worst of the three so my guess is Karen, but I hope it's Stefano.

8:21pm As I thought Karen is revealed to be one of tonight's bottom 3

8:22pm Adam Lambert after a word from our sponsors

8:26pm And we are back. Welcome back Adam. Aftermath is one of the few songs I enjoyed from his album (overall wasn't totally in love with it). But I did love this performance.

8:30pm I love it when Ryan flirts with Adam

8:35pm Can we get this show rolling?? Okay, Lauren, Ashton, and Hayley are called. Of the three, Lauren probably had the weakest performance going first is not always a good thing especially on a 2 hour show. I am liking the fact she's admitting she made a mistake and thank you Ryan for not dragging it out (Lauren is safe). So, I hope Ashton is in the bottom because I did like Hayley more.

8:40pm Ashton & Hayley are in the bottom, and everyone else is safe. I feel cheated now that was too fast. Stupid two musical guest cutting in on my nervous Idol time. Anyway, last night I had guessed Karen and Ashton were in trouble and I was right. But of my choices for tonight's bottom three I was 1 for 3.

8:45pm Diddy Dirty Money performance, this I could have done without.

8:55pm Okay who's going home... Not Karen (I thought it was gonna be her)... Not Hayley so it's Ashton!!

8:56pm Ashton is given another chance and has decided to sing Diana Ross again and it sounds worse tonight for some reason. This is your time to shine, this performance was so dim. If the judges use the save tonight they are stupid, it's way to soon in the competition and besides America did not vote her through last week for a reason.

8:57pm Song is done and onto the Judge's

8:58pm The judge's final answer is... Not to use the save

8:59pm Here is Ashton's final montage and David Cook's rendition of the classic Simple Minds hit "Don't You Forget About Me"

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  1. I can't believe Hayley was bottom 2. Weird...